Kids Activities Fantastic for Kids (and adults too!)

Four Elements provides kids activities and tours for guests all year round, with different activities being available according to the season.  Nobody offers more free entertainment for the kids than Four Elements!

  •  Activities are run daily and often twice daily whenever we have guests staying,
  • They are generally scheduled at 8:15 am and about 5:00 pm each day to allow guests to enjoy the middle of the day touring the many attractions of the area
  • Activities are suitable for  children between the ages of two and twelve, with younger ones needing parental supervision
  • They generally run between half and three quarters of an hour.
  • If you want to do ALL the activities available in any particular season you will need to stay 4 nights, we don’t schedule additional times to squeeze more activities into a short stay

Animal Feeding

Fun Kids Activites - Collect your Eggs

A guided mini tour of the farm to feed the goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs and Hogan the horse, before visiting one of the dams to feed the fish. This activity is always a favourite with the younger children as the goats particularly love to eat out of their hands.

If the chickens are laying the kids can collect and keep their own eggs.

During the tour we provide information about the breeds and characteristics of the animals and the types of food they eat. We can also point out possum nests and the native trees they favour on the property.

Fruit Picking

A guided activity available for about eight months of the year.  We offer a tour of one of the two orchards. Guests will be able to pick a sample of the fruits currently ripe. 

Often one or more of the following will be available to pick –

  • Apples – available in Autumn, we have four different varieties planted
  • Pears – two varieties of pears available in the later part of summer
  • Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots and plums – with different trees fruiting from just before Christmas until late summer.
  • Citrus fruits – mandarins, oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, and lemonade Lemons and limes are all year round with the rest starting late autumn and finishing in late winter.

Camp Fires AND Bonfire nights

There is nothing quite like standing around a  fire on a cool night in the winter months toasting marshmallows. The kids have a ball and so do the parents.  We light up about 5pm. Generally the fires will burn low enough for marshmallow toasting by about 7pm.

Fun Kids Actvities - Bonfires

We now offer two styles of outdoor fire activity –

Bonfires over the summer months we build very large piles of waste wood stacked with a tractor. We burn these on scheduled Saturdays through winter. Ignition is often quite spectacular and they can burn through the night. Consult our Facebook page for dates

On request, in suitable conditions, we can light a camp fires instead of place of the afternoon activity. Families help gather a pile of smaller sticks and branches, and with 20 minutes work we have enough for a campfire. Simply chat with us when you arrive if you would like to help set a campfire.  If the weather suits it should be possible.

Fires are seasonal winter activities, that need Fire Restrictions lifted and the preceding couple of days being dry in order to be able to get the fire going.


In winter guest kids enjoy exploring the creek right at the back of the property with a net. First we take a trailer ride to the creek and then the fun starts as we help them catch a few tadpoles. Often we see a few baby marron (about 25mm long) that are migrating down the creek. Mucking about in a creek during winter is something every kid should experience. Gum boots are a good idea 🙂

Marron Trapping

Fun Kids Activities - Marron Fishing

A year round activity as the marron seem to eat all the time now. Our cultivated marron have got quite large over recent years owing to the ideal conditions and low predation. So we regularly set the marron nets in the water holes to see what lies beneath.

This is a two part activity with a trailer ride in the evening to set the net followed by a vineyard tour. Then in the morning we return to inspect the catch and return them to the water.

Gravity Racer

Fun Kids Activities - Hill Trolley

As a kid I had a great time mucking about making a few hill trolleys with my Granddad and trying them out on various hills in the neighbourhood. Younger kids will ride with Mum or Dad while older kids ages 5 and up can usually go solo. If there’s a large group we do timed trials to see who can get the fastest run down the hill (its all about the launch). Bike helmets are required for the kids (we have some to lend)

Boomerang Throwing

We make boomerangs from marine ply using our CNC router table. Older kids and their parents usually get the knack with a little bit of tuition. When you master the skill you can compete to see who can get the boomerang to return closest to the thrower.

Yabbie Traps

Fun Kids Activities - Meet a Yabbie

Ages 4 and up will really enjoy this year round activity.  The kids construct (with a little help) a simple fish trap from a plastic milk container and a few household items.  Once complete we set the traps in one of the dams that has been invaded by Yabbies.

We return the next morning to see what we have caught, often a single trap will catch as many as six.  WA Fisheries require that they are not returned to the water so often we feed them to the chickens, to add some protein to their diet.

Lantern Stalk

Ages 4 and up will love staying up late for this night time activity. On a dry night we wait until it gets dark then the fun begins. The aim is to use available cover and diversionary tactics to try and sneak up on an adult with a torch. The kids that manage to touch home base without being called out share in the chocolate prize. (Parental supervision required for under 8s, young kids can play in a team with Mum or Dad). This activity starts between about 6:30pm and 8pm depending on the season and when it gets dark. It runs for about 45 minutes.